Staff and specialities

Professor:  Motoi KUDO
   Auditory nervous system and comparative neuroanatomy, developmental neuroanatomy
Associate Professor:  Yoshinari AIMI
   Peripheral nervous system and molecular neuroanatomy
Senior Assistant Professor:  Kousuke TAKI
   Neuroanatomy and molecular biology

Outline of the department

Our labolatory works on the neurobiological mechanism relavant to the 
mammalian auditory system at network, cellular, and molecular levels.  
Combined molecular and morphological methods are used in the analysis of 
projection and local circuit of neural structures involved in auditory sensory 
processing. Developmental and genetic analysis of genes related to 
differentiation and maturation  of GABAergic neurons is also  carried out in 
order to reveal the underlying principles of network formation, taking 
advantage of the viewpoint of comparative anatomy.

Current projects are as follows :
1) Projection and local circuit of the inferior colliculus, the largest
   center of auditory brainstem.
2) Development and differentiation of GABAergic neuron.
3) Analysis of neuronal circuit using trangenic mouse with specificially-
   visualized auditory pathway.
4) Histchemical characterization of neuronal subpopulations in the inferior