Staff and specialities

Associate Professor: Yukihiro TAMBE
   Bacteriology and Molecular oncology
Senior Assistant Professor: Yoshinori KITAGAWA

Outline of the department

Our research is focused on the following topics.
1) Studies on immune evasion by paramyxoviruses including parainfluenza viruses, measles virus, and Nipah virus. We are now interested in how the viruses counteract the host interferon system that plays a central role in innate immunity. (B. GOTOH)
2) Basic studies on human metapneumovirus (HMPV). HMPV was discovered in 2001 and one of the most common causes of severe lower respiratory diseases in infants and children. We are now investigating the pathogenesis of HMPV using a reverse genetics method. (B. GOTOH)
3) Isolation and characterization of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes involved in expression of malignant phenotypes of cancer. Molecular mechanisms of tumor development and progression by newly-isolated cancer related genes, Drs, Periostin, and Cyclin D1b, are being investigated. (H. INOUE)
4) Studies on host defense for viral infection. Molecular mechanisms of suppression of viral replication by Drs and GADD34 genes are being investigated. (H. INOUE)