Staff and specialities

Professor:  Takashi Murakami
Associate Professor:  Nobuyuki KITA
Associate Professor:  Fuminori KIMURA
Assistant Professor:  Akiko ISHIKO
Assistant Professor:  Tetsuya  NAKAGAWA
Assistant Professor:  Yoshiko TARUMOTO
Assistant Professor:  Tetsuo ONO
Assistant Professor:  Shouji KAKU
Assistant Professor:  Shiro WAKINOUE
Assistant Professor:  Shunichiro TSUJI 
Assistant Professor:  Akiko TAKASHIMA
Assistant Professor:  Tsukuru AMANO

Outline of the department

This department treats approximately 15,000 outpatients per year for a variety of gynecologic malignancies, pregnancies with or without complications, and infertilities. Forty-two beds are available for inpatients. Approximately 260 gynecologic operations are performed and there are also 450 deliveries per year.

Clinical research was focused on several subjects as follows:
1) Treatment of infertility by assisted reproductive technology (ART) including artificial insemination with husband's sperm(AIH), blastocyst transfer(BT), two step embryo transer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI). 
2) Evaluation of the effects of hormone replacement therapy. 
3) Genetic analysis of ovulation disorders. 
4) Early diagnosis of gynecologic malignancies.
5) Clinical evaluation of chemotherapy on gynecologic malignancies.
6) Treatment of habitual abortion, and management of complicated pregnancy.

Basic research in this department is concerned mainly on reproductive biology, perinatal medicine and gynecologic oncology. The main projects of the research are as follows:
1) Analysis of the mechanisms of in vitro developmental blockage in mammalian embryos.
2) Clinical and basic studies on two step-embryo transfer, oocyte cryopreservation and assisted hatching by zona thinning.
3) Molecular analysis on implantation and carcinogenesis.
4) Genetic analysis of toxemia and deep venous thrombosis.