Staff and specialities

Professor:  Akihiro KAWAUCHI
  Urologic Surgery

Associate Professor:  Mitsuhiro NARITA
Associate Professor:  Kazuyoshi JOHNIN
Associate Professor:  Susumu KAGEYAMA
Assistant Professor:  Tetsuya YOSHIDA
Assistant Professor:  Teruhiko TSURU
Assistant Professor:  Keiji TOMITA
Assistant Professor:  Kenichi KOBAYASHI
Assistant Professor:  Ryosuke MURAI

Outline of the department

The clinical fields of this department are urologic surgery for the diseases of 
the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs, pediatric surgery, female 
urology, male infertility, endocrinology, and voiding dysfunction.  Uro-
oncology, andrology, and congenital malformations of the urogenital organs are
our main clinical works. 
QOL-oriented treatments for urogenital cancer patients, such as neobladder for 
the patients with invasive bladder cancer, are the top goal of our daily 
practice.  Minimally invasive therapy for almost all diseases in urology are 
being pursued energetically, including robotic and laparoscopic surgeries for 
adrenal and renal tumors, prostate cancer and endourological treatments for 
urinary calculi.

Research in this department is concerned with clinical urology and involves 
projects on:
1) Urogenital cancer.  Basic researches of molecular biology for urogenital 
   cancers are being carried out, including expression analysis 
   of tumor related genes of urological cancers.
2) Research is under way in the field of proteome analysis of normal urothelium 
   and urothelial carcinoma in order to find new tumor markers and target 
   molecules for anti-cancer therapy.
3) Development of novel robotic and laparoscopic surgery.
4) Long-term results of urinary diversions, such as cutaneous ureterostomy, 
   ileal conduit, continent urinary diversion, and neobladders are being 
5) Urodynamics. Ultrastructure and histochemical studies of the innervation of 
   the urinary bladder are being carried out.