Staff and specialities

Professor and Chairman:  Hirotoshi KITAGAWA
   Cardiac Anesthesia, Cardiac physiology

Adjunct Professor:  Tomikichi MATSUMOTO
   Pain Medicine 

Clinical Professor:  Sei FUKUI
   Pain Medicine

Associate Professor:  Kan TAKAHASHI
   Intensive care medicine

Associate Professor:  Tomoyoshi SETO
   Anesthetic Mechanisms

Clinical Associate Professor:  Miho NAKANISHI

Special Contract Associate Professor:  Fumiaki KOMAKI

Senior Assistant Professor:  Narihito IWASHITA
Senior Assistant Professor:  Yasuhiko IMASHUKU
Senior Assistant Professor:  Akiko KOJIMA

Assistant Professor:  Akiko KUZUKAWA
Assistant Professor:  Yutaka FUKUSHIMA
Assistant Professor:  Takashi CHIHARA
Assistant Professor:  Yuko ISHIKAWA
Assistant Professor:  Mayumi YUASA
Assistant Professor:  Takayoshi MIZUNO
Assistant Professor:  Morihiro SHIMIZU
Assistant Professor:  Yoko SADA

Special Contract Assistant Professor:  Yuki ITOU
Special Contract Assistant Professor:  Kazuki ITOU
Special Contract Assistant Professor:  YAN  GUOSHAN
Special Contract Assistant Professor:  Mariko ISHIHARA

Outline of the department

The Department of Anesthesiology carries out the following:
Patient assessments and consultations in preparation for administration of anesthetics.
Anesthetic services in operating rooms.

Pain clinic of cancer pain, chronic pain with interventional pain management, pharmacoligic management,oriental method and inter- disciplinary conference.

The department's main research projects are in the fields of :

1)  Cardiac Physiology:
A; Investigation of effects of hypothermia and general anesthetic on cardiac sympathetic nerve terminal functions using cardiac microdialysis technique.
B; In vivo and in vitro investigation of cardioprotective effects of volatile anesthetics against ischemia/reperfusion injury using microdialysis technique, intracellular calcium imaging and patch-clamp method.

2) Pain Medicine:
A; Investigations of effects of chronic pain on brain neural function are being carried out using proton magneticresonance spectroscopy(1H-MRS) and voxel-based morphometry(VBM).
B; Investigations of clinical effects of pulsed radiofrequency on chronic pain are being carried  out using various PRF parameters.

3) Anesthetic Mechanisms at the level of molecular interactions between an anesthetic and its binding site using NMR and simulation.