Staff and specialities

Professor, R.N., Ph.D:  Naomi MIYAMATSU
Assistant Professor:  Yuka SUMIMOTO
Assistant Professor:  Saori AZUMA
Research Associate:  Tomoko OKAMOTO

Outline of the department

At the time of life when one is  most productive, 
people start having various health problems from lifestyle-related diseases. 
Therefore, the development of research in Adult Nursing has drawn keen attention from the public eye. In order to meet those expectations, 
knowledge from epidemiological studies as a foundation for EBM/EBN as well as obtaining new research methods are essential for us.
We researched various themes and evaluated health disorders and the relevant factors necessary to verify the effect of nursing intervention.
Finally we try to develop a research method and reflect the data to clinical nursing, also aim to promote cooperation including the need to formulate systems with clinical nurses and other professionals.

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