Staff and specialities

●Associate Professor:  Mihoko OGITA, R.N.,Ph.D

●Assistant Professor:  Ryo KATAYOSE, R.N., MSN

Outline of the department

●About us
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Our main research is prevention of frailty, geriatric syndrome and aged-related
health problems using epidemiology. We have clarified new estimation factors 
concerning falling and frailty. 
Our future direction is to enhance overall knowledge and verify the effect of 
nursing intervention on aged people's quality of life and health by conducting 
a feasibility study. 
Also we believe interprofessional collaboration has an important role in health
care treatment and the care of aged people. Hence, we will conduct our research 
with the support of critical nurses 
and other medical professionals.

●Recent Publications
Okura M, Ogita M, Arai H "Are Self-Reported Masticatory Ability and Regular Dental
Care Related to Mortality?"
The Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging 24(3): 262-268,2020

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Okura M, Ogita M, Arai H. Self-reported cognitive frailty predicts adverse health 
outcomes for community-dwelling older adults based on an analysis of sex and age. 
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Okura M, Ogita M, Yamamoto M, Nakai T, Numata T, Arai H. Community activities predict
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Okura M, Ogita M, Yamamoto M, Nakai T, Numata T, Arai H. Self-Assessed Kyphosis and Chewing
Disorders Predict Disability and Mortality in Community-Dwelling older Adults. 
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