Staff and specialities

Director, Professor:  Yoshihide FUJIYAMA
Associate Professor:  Emiko OGAWA
nurse:  Yukiko YAMASHITA

Outline of the department

The Health Administration Center was established in 1990 with the purpose of
overseeing the administration of health care at the university, and of
maintaining and promoting both the physical and mental health of studentsand faculty.

1) The planning and design of university health-care administration programs.
2) Regular physical check-ups, including measurements of weight, height and
   blood pressure, a vision test, urinalysis, ECG, etc. are provided as necessary.
3) Health-care consultations, including mental health counseling.
4) Consultations necessary to maintain and promote good health, e.g. medical
   advice if any problems are found in the physical check-up.
5) Consultations concerning hygiene and prevention of and countermeasures
   against epidemics.
6) Investigations and research regarding health-care administration.