Staff and specialities

Director/Professor: Takashi ASHIHARA
Vice-director/Associate Professor: Kazutaka MOTOYAMA
Assistant Professor: Kenji SHIGETOSHI

Outline of the department

The Center was founded in May, 1997. The Missions of this center are following;
1. Maintenance of information equipment inside the center and providing an excellent information environment to students and university staff
2. Education of computer literacy to students and university staff
3. Network management and promotion of network utilization
4. Technical support in information technology to research and educational activity
5. Development of web pages, database and multimedia contents related to medicine and to useful things
6. Network/computer security management and education

In the multimedia center, the "The Campus LAN course" for acquiring a mail address, and various courses which are useful to a user are planned and carried out. Guidance of these courses, information from a multimedia center, etc. is altogether performed through the homepage or the e-mail address. Moreover, using the homepage, a "multimedia center news letter" is published at any time, and the publicity work to a user is also performed positively.