Staff and specialities

Chief, Professor:  Hidetoshi OKABE
   Surgical Pathology (neuropathology)
Assoiciate Chief, Associate Professor:  Tokuhiro CHANO
   Molecular genetics and genetic counceling
Assistant Professor:  Mitsuaki ISHIDA

Outline of the department

The central clinical laboratory carries out the following examinations.
1) Chemical, immunological, hematological and microbiological analysis 
   including laboratory examinations for emergency service.
2) Physiological examinations (circulatory, respiratory neuromuscular and 
   elenctroencephalographic analysis)
3) Molecluar genetic service including management of open laboratory for the 
   clinical genetic reseach and genetic counceling.
   Resarch projects are focused on combined morphological and genetic anaysis of 
   various diseases such as neoplastic and inflammatory diseases.