Staff and specialities

Chief, Professor:  Kiyoshi MURATA
   Chest radiology, High-resolution CT, Lung cancer
   diagnosis, Diagnosis of diffuse lung disease
Assoiciate Chief, Associate Professor:  Masashi TAKAHASHI
   Chest Radiology, Interventional Radiology,
   Lung cancer diagnosis, Diagnosis of diffuse lung disease
Assistant Professor:  Hideji OTANI

Outline of the department

The Department of Radiology(Radiology Service) consists of three divisions of 
diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation oncology.  These 
divisions are, however, united in our department in order to use a variety of 
radiological tools effectively for the diagnosis and treatment of the 
patients.  With this system, the department has become a unique complex of 
diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology.

In the field of diagnostic radiology, high quality of radiology reports are 
provided using up-to-date imaging modalities such as multi-row detector CT, 
MR, ultrasound, and radionuclide imaging as well as conventional X-ray 
images.  Additionally, various interventional radiology techniques such as 
transarterial tumor embolization and vascular plasty or stenting are performed 
for the relief of the symptoms of patients.  In the field of radiation 
oncology, high quality of radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy or 
immunotherpy are performed in the patients with malignant tumors, and a new 
technique of stereotactic radiation therapy is also applied in selective cases.

The main research projects in the department are as follws:
1) Experimental and clinical researches in neuroradiology
   Evaluation of perfusion, diffusion of the brain in various diseases with MR 
   imaging and spectroscopy is one of the topics.
2) Basic and clinical research projects in chest radiology
   A correlative study of high-resolution CT of the lung and pathological 
   specimen in diffuse lung diseases and lung cancer is performed. Three-
   dimensional and dynamic evaluation with MDCT and MR imaging is another topic. 
3) Clinical research projects in abdominal radiology
   Three-dimensional and dynamic evaluation of liver tumors is performed for the 
   development of more accurate diagnosis of these tumors.  In addition, the 
   development of new techniques in the field of interventional radiology is 
   another important research project.
4) Basic and clinical research projects in skeletal radiology
   A detailed three-dimensional morphological study of the bone using micro CT is 
   performed.  A basic study for elucidation of the mechanism of the fracture of 
   the osteoporotic bone is another research project.
5) Experimental and clinical research projects in radiation oncology
   Experimental research regarding the effect of radiation and clinical study for 
   the development of improved radiation techniques in patients with uterine 
   cervical cancer are research projects.