Staff and specialities

Chief, Professor:  Hidetoshi OKABE
   Surgical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Associate Chief, Associate Professor:  Keiko HODOHARA
Assistant Professor:  Hitoshi MINAMIGUCHI

Outline of the department

This facility is concerned with the management and supply of blood products 
and related equipment for preparation of platelet tansfusions and blood stem 
cell transplantataions (CS3000 plus), for blood productirratiation to prevent 
post-transfusion GVHD (IBL437C), a cryopreservation system which includes a 
programming cell freezer and large capacity liquid nitrogen stocker, and a 
cell analysis and sepration system (FACS Vantage).

Current reseach projects are focused on
1) Development of efficient procedures to collect peripheral blood mononuclear 
   cells rich in stem cells, and methods of cryopresevation for these cells to 
   facilitate PBSCT in cancer therapy.
2) Development of isolation of procedures for hematopoietic stem cells from 
   bone marrow or cord blood, and characterizing the stem cells thus obtained.