Staff and specialities

Chief, Professor: Yoshitaka MATSUSUE
Assoiciate Chief, Associate Professor:  Taku Kawasaki
Associate Professor: Shinji IMAI
   Hand surgery, bone metabolism

Outline of the department

Physical medicine and rehabilitation is defined as the branch of medicine 
involving the treatment and training of patients with disabilities to enable 
them to attain their maximal potential for normal living or as near normal 
living as is possible. It is a creative area of medicine, which requires the 
cooperative efforts of various medical specialists in order to provide 
comprehensive care that takes into consideration not only the physical needs, 
but also the psychological, vocational and social needs of the patient. 
Together as a team, we aim to restore patients to the highest possible level 
of function and independence that they are capable of achieving.

In the Rehabilitation Division, a team of orthopedists and physical therapists 
are currently involved in the management of patients with various physical 
disabilities. The majority of patients, however, fall into the orthopedic 
category, which includes those with connective tissue diseases (non-articular, 
and articular, degenerative and rheumatoid), degenerative and/or traumatic 
lesions of the spinal cord, disorders of the spine, and those requiring 
peripheral joint replacement surgery.

In the future, we hope to broaden the scope of our clinic by including patients
with diseases of the central nervous system, disorders of pulmonary function, 
cardiovascular problems, auditory and speech disorders, as well as those with 
psychiatric impairments. In order to follow the philosophy of holistic medicine 
and address the psychological, vocational, and social aspects of various 
disabilities, this will require expansion of the health care team and 
additional reinforcement of present staff members.