Staff and specialities

Director of Nursing: Michiko NISHIMURA, RN, MSN

Outline of the department

It is our philosophy that all the nursing professionals at Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital provide patient-centered care with warm and friendly attitudes.

We promise the followings:
1. Respect and high-quality care for each patient
2. Comfortable and safe environment
3. Close communications with local communities and continuation of care
4. Devotion to training as nursing professionals

Our 700 nursing staffs work together to deliver high-quality patient care and a positive atmosphere in the hospital. Around-the-clock care in collaboration with other medical specialists is to maximize quality of life. Problem Oriented System (POS)and Primary Nursing Care System are powerful vehicles used to meet each patient's need. Our nursing staffs put their hearts and souls into their nursing practice from admittion to (and even after) discharge of each patient.

Our nurses are trained to offer best possible care that patients can expect to receive in a clinical setting. Certified Nurse Specialists (CNS) and Certified Nurses (CN) lead our nursing practice with advanced nursing skills and knowledge. As of January, 2015, a total of 38 CNS and CN in 17 fields are stationed and more CNS and CN are expected to join the staffs.

We offer many opportunities for career development and continuing education. Our nurses are encouraged to attend contemporary nursing forums, conferences, and committees. The clinical ladder system is adopted to raise powerful and dependable leaders. In the Preceptor Orientation Program for novice nurses our senior nursing professionals act as mentors. In addition to taking advantages of these opportunities to improve nursing skills and knowledge, our staffs are also expected to cultivate independence and humanity. Other study resources such as the university library and hospital website are also available to all the SUMS nurses.