Staff and specialities

Director, Associate Professor:  Yasuhiro NISHIDA
   Clinical Professor
Vice Director, Associate Professor:  Noriaki TEZUKA
Vice Director, Associate Professor:  Takashi YAMAMOTO
Vice Director, Senior Assistant Professor:  Satoshi MURATA
Vice Director, Assistant Professor:  Katsutaro MORINO
Vice Director, Assistant Professor:  Takafumi OKUNO

Outline of the department

Clinical Resident Training Center is managing the program for trainees of The Hospital of Shiga University of Medical Science(SUMS). Providing clinical training programs for residents, administrating, conducting schedules of residency program, and evaluating the trainees and house teaching staffs are the major tasks of the center.

The Hospital of SUMS provides well-trained doctors with good medical skills, high quality medical knowledge, ethics and good personality.

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English is available.