Staff and specialities

Special Contact Professor:  Kazuhiro MATSUMURA
  Family medicine, general  medicine, cardiology, and medical education

Outline of the department

The goal of Department of Family Medicine is to achieve provision of holistic medical care throughout the entire community, regardless of afflicted organ, patient's sex, age, or medical specialty skills, by responsibly managing the majority of patient's problems, and coordinating and collaborating with the various fields of public health, medicine, welfare and nursing care, not only for the individuals but also with their family and community life in mind. Our Department will educate and train quality medical professionals necessary to provide such services and conduct high quality research. 

 1) Train high quality family physicians proficient in providing holistic medical 
 2) Nurture and support medical professionals with a rich sense of humanity and 
    with lifelong learning
 3) Promote community-based medical education
 4) Enhance community-wide comprehensive primary care
 5) Promote integrative team care with a coalition of public health, medicine and 
 6) Nurture shared values starting from the training phase of public health, 
    medical, and welfare professionals
 7) Encourage heightened medical literacy of the general public
 8) Promote research that supports community healthcare
 9) Propose an optimal system of public health, medicine, welfare, and nursing 
    care for the community
10) Become a hub for conducting hands-on research on health management and the 
    education system for a healthy and rich community

<Action Plan>
 1) Offer programs certified by the Japan Primary Care Association to advanced 
    residents to train high quality family physicians and enhance the systematic 
    educational structure. 
 2) By offering courses such as a primary care refresher course, support the 
    retraining and lifelong learning of healthcare professionals, including 
    community physicians and nurses.
 3) Provide grounds for education, research, and training for community- based 
    primary care, family medicine, and preventive medicine.
 4) Foster sufficient interest in community medicine, family medicine, and 
    preventive medicine from the early stage of medical student education.
 5) Conduct investigation and research on generalists and family physicians 
    through academic conferences and workshops of various professional