Staff and specialities

Director, Professor:  Yataro DAIGO
  Medical Oncology, Molecular Medicine
Vice Director, Associate Professor:  Eiji Mekata
Special Contract Associate Professor:  Sachiyo MORITA
Special Contract Assistant Professor:  Atsushi TAKANO

Outline of the department

The Cancer Center is one of the Central Clinical Sections in the Shiga University of Medical Science (SUMS) Hospital (Teaching Hospital). Our mission is to deliver the best possible treatment and personalized medicine for cancer patients, offer a scientific environment for laboratory and clinical science and provide education and training that generate top class oncologists and scientists.

We provide the highest possible standard cancer chemotherapy and molecular therapy to achieve the best possible outcome in Division of Medical Oncology and Cancer Center at SUMS Hospital. We also coordinate various clinical studies including chemotherapy, molecular therapy and immunotherapy, involving different university hospitals and cancer centers across the region and nationally. We are now trying to translate the latest research directly into hope and new treatments for cancer patients. Most cancer patients receive their treatment as outpatients.