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Welcome to BAAD software


BAAD, “Brain Anatomical Analysis using Difeomorphic deformation”,  integrates several programs work on SPM software such as MarsBar, Wfu_Pickatlas, and XjView. BAAD works on Windows operating systems without Matlab installation, and makes it easy to handle VBM analysis across all gray matter and white matter regions of the brain. BAAD converts t-values to z-scores and displays z-scores of MNI anatomical ROIs, both in numerical spreadsheet form and in false-color graphical form.

Voxel-based morphometry (VBM)

Automatic language detection (switch Japanese to English)

Importation DICOM data (Change to NIfTI format)

Listing of the imported data

AC-PC correction

Image quality check

INU correction at segmentation

Multi-channel Segmentation (with FLAIR images for white matter lesion analyses)

Warping with modulation (DARTEL)

Calculation of total intracranial volume (TIV)

t-test (comparison with built-in control group)

Conversion t-values to z-scores

ROI analyses (Pick atlas + MarsBar)

Artificial Intelligence (Alzheimer’s score)

Output of the results (BAAD View, DICOM)

Please refer to the following paper;

Machine Learning for Diagnosis of AD and Prediction of MCI Progression From Brain MRI Using Brain Anatomical Analysis Using Diffeomorphic Deformation

Syaifullah AH, Shiino A, Kitahara H, Ito R, Ishida M, Tanigaki K.

Front Neurol. 2021 Feb 5;11:576029. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2020.576029. eCollection 2020.

Outline of BAAD

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