How will brachytherapy be conducted?

We conduct a pre-planning for treating patients, who will be asked to visit SUMS two weeks in advance. The pre-planning will be based on the following steps: a catheter will be inserted into the urethra in the same position as the treatment, and the volume of the prostrate will be recorded as the trans-rectal ultrasound scanner images. According to the data. the arrangement and number of I-125 seeds will be determined. The seeds will be ready after two weeks, and the treatment will be conducted on the day after the patient has been hospitalized.

With spinal anesthesia on the lower part of the body, the treatment will be operated by watching the ultrasound image and applying needles from the perineum. Through the needles, the I-125 seeds will be inserted into the prostate gland. (Pictures 3 and 4) Approximately 50 to 130 seeds will be placed in the prostrate, depending on the conditions of each case. The next day, a CT scan will be taken to check the conditions of the applied seeds, and the urethra catheter will be removed. After leaving the hospital, it will be possible to have an ordinary daily life. When the patient also needs supplemental external radiation, the treatment will begin about one month after the brachytherapy.


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