We always carry "Patient First Policy". We believe our most important mission is to treat prostate cancers without causing recurrence. We believe that our brachytherapy is the effective treatment to achieve this goal. Particularly, the past treatment results of over 800 cancer cases show that brachytherapy at SUMS has extremely fewer recurrence rate compared with other treatment methods. With our skills and experience, we pay careful attention to all our patients so that all of them can be treated with a high standard of brachytherapy with the highest cure rate. At the same time, we hope to treat as many patients as possible for those who desire our treatment.

For those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and who wish to have treatment at SUMS, please consult with your doctor and bring referrals and other relevant materials. For those who live distant from SUMS, we also offer private clinical consultations. If you have any questions, concerns about treatment, or wish to have second opinions, please contact us via our email below.

Department of Brachytheapy for prostate cancer, Shiga University of Medical Science.

Dr. Keisei Okamoto

Email: keisei■belle.shiga-med.ac.jp (please replace ■ with @)