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Abstract Submission
Abstract submission deadline: January 10, 2008

The ISFS welcomes the submission of abstracts for presentation as oral presentations and posters. Please leave the presenting way (oral or poster) to the ISFS secretariat.

Submission Procedures:

Authors must submit abstracts via email.
Please direct any questions to: iss2008@belle.shiga-med.ac.jp
Please note that abstracts submitted via fax or airmail will not be accepted.

General Policies:
  1. Authors are permitted to submit a maximum of two abstracts as presenting author. There is no limit as to the co-authorship.
  2. The abstracts must be submitted in English.
  3. Notifications of acceptance will be sent to presenting authors by January 31, 2008. Scheduling details and instructions for oral or poster presentations will also be included with this correspondence.
  4. The presenting author of an abstract is requested to complete the routine registration procedure for his / her participation by the time of abstract submission and to show up the evidence for that at the time of abstract submission.
Abstract Format:
  1. Entire abstract (including title, authors and affiliation) must not exceed 230 words.
  2. Abstract title must be in CAPITAL letters. Do not indent. Title should be concise and indicate the content of abstract.
  3. Author and co-author names, institutions, cities and countries are to be typed under the title. Initials should always precede the family name (i.e., Y. Fukuyama, Y. Takeuchi). Each author should be listed by institution, city, state and country. Do not include degrees or professional titles (Dr., PhD., Prof., MD, etc).
  4. Leave one line space between the title/author block and the body of the abstract.
  5. Abstract text must be single-spaced. Do not leave blank lines between paragraphs.
  6. The headings (Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusions) must be bolded and followed by a colon (:). Text must follow immediately after.
  7. Neither graphs, pictures nor other types of images should be included in abstract.
  8. Use standard abbreviations. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full term the first time it appears.
  9. Do not include references, credits or grant support.
Abstract Sample:

T. Takano 1), T. Sawai 1), M. Ohno 2)
1) Department of Pediatrics, Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu, Japan
2) Department of Pedology, Kyoto Women's University, Kyoto, Japan

Objectives: ---
Methods: ---
Results: ---
Conclusions: ---



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