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Invitation to Become a Member of ISS (applicable to Japanese only):

If you want to become a member of ISS, please download application form (PDF format in Japanese, click here) and send by email or fax to:

Yukio Fukuyama, MD, PhD
Chairperson, Board of Councilors
E-mail: yfukuyama@sc4.so-net.ne.jp
Fax: 03-3740-0874

The members of ISS are requested to pay 2008 annual fee (3,000 yen) to the ISS secretariat, or to pay in cash by Japanese yen at the Registration Desk on-site.

For non-Japanese colleagues, please join with us as a Corresponding Member (Fees Free). For more information, click here.

Invitation to Become a Member of AOCNA:

To become a member of AOCNA, please download application form (PDF format, click here) and send by email or fax to:

Yoichi Sakakibara, MD, PhD
Secretary-Treasurer, AOCNA
E-mail: yoichi1215@aol.com
Fax: +81-3-5978-5943

Please pay the two years membership fee for 2008 and 2009 (20 US dollars) or lifetime membership fee (100 US dollars) in cash at the AOCNA Desk on-site (credit card payment for AOCNA membership fee is not available).


If you send us your AOCNA membership aplication form properly filled in before December 31, 2007, you are eligible to register for the International Symposium as a AOCNA member. In that case, please pay AOCNA membership fee later at the AOCNA Desk in the registration area on-site.


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