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Yukio Fukuyama, MD, PhD
Chairperson, Board of Councilors,
Infantile Seizure Society

Dear Colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to announce that The Infantile Seizure Society will host a significant scientific meeting next spring in Otsu City, Japan, that is, The International Symposium on Febrile Seizures and Related Conditions (ISFS), under the presidency of Dr Yoshihiro Takeuchi, Professor of Pediatrics, Shiga University, Otsu, Japan. The Infantile Seizure Society is a world-oriented organization specializing in the study of seizure problems in infants and young children. Since its birth in 1998, the Society has been hosted serial international symposia on various hot topics every year. The topics dealt in the past include neuro-inflammation and -immunology, West syndrome and epileptic encephalopathies, chromosomal aberrations, neuronal migration disorders, epileptic syndromes and taxonomy, status epilepticus, and biology of seizure susceptibility in developing brain. Invited lecturers and audiences have enthusiastically discussed on these contemporary subjects; the contents of lectures and discussions have been published in special journal issues or even recorded in audio DVD files. Thus past international symposia organized by the Society has been highly evaluated by the circle of relevant researchers, broadly. Now, for the next year’s meeting, febrile seizures and related conditions were chosen as the main theme. This historical topic dramatically revived as one of the central issues of epileptology through numerous new findings and discoveries in recent years. We believe that ISFS 2008 should be an exciting meeting which can’t be missed by any clinicians and investigators who are engaging in clinical and bench works in this field. Further, you are fully guaranteed that you will be able to enjoy an essence of and satisfy with a world famous traditional Japanese hospitality while attending at ISFS. Once again, we would like to welcome all relevant colleagues at the forthcoming ISFS, Otsu, Japan, April 10-11, 2008.




Yoshihiro Takeuchi, MD, PhD
International Symposium on
Febrile Seizures and Related Conditions (ISFS)
Professor & Chairman
Department of Pediatrics,
Shiga University of Medical Science

Dear colleagues,
I am greatly pleased to be hosting the 11th Annual Meeting of the Infantile Seizure Society. The International Symposium on Febrile Seizures and Related Conditions (ISFS) will be held at the Royal Oak Hotel Spa & Gardens, in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, April 10-11, 2008. Febrile seizures are the most common types of seizures experienced in infants and young children. They provide a good example of age-dependent seizure susceptibility. Furthermore, the interacting factors between genetics and environment have been the subject of intense interest among scientists and physicians. However, many questions about febrile seizures in both the basic and the clinical science arenas still remain to be answered. The ISFS aims to present a comprehensive update of the topic and discussions on such issues as genetics, epidemiology, pathophysiology, imaging, subsequent epilepsy, mesial temporal sclerosis, treatment, and education about febrile seizures and related conditions. I believe that this symposium will be inspiring and fruitful for all participants as many distinguished scientists and physicians in this field are invited from all over the world. It will certainly be a wonderful opportunity for you to exchange recent views and engage in discussions on all aspects of febrile seizures and related conditions. One could say “from genes and neurons to emergency medicine.” Shiga prefecture is located almost in the center of the Japan archipelago. Located close to Kyoto, the nation’s capital for 12 centuries, the cultural development of Shiga began early and Shiga has appeared many times on the center stage of Japanese history. Thus, Shiga is endowed with a rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as beautiful nature. The venue for the ISFS, Royal Oak Hotel, is within 30 minutes from the center of Kyoto by car or train. All participants of ISFS can easily enjoy a short trip to Kyoto from the hotel, and take the opportunity to appreciate Kyoto’s spring scenery before or after the Symposium. We recommend a stay at the Royal Oak Hotel for plenty of time to share the wonderful space with invited speakers, other participants, your friends and family. We look forward to seeing you in Shiga, next spring.

All the best.


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