The 4th Natinal Healey Day

at Fuji-Kogen Circuit

Field of Smiles!

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The 4th National Healey Day of Japan was held
at the Fuji-Kogen Circuit

The National Healey Day, an annual meeting of Austin-Healey lovers, was held at the Fuji-Kogen Ciruit, Gotenba, Shizuoka Pref. on May 3, 1996. This meeting was first held by members of the Austin-Healey Club of Japan in order to make their friendship tighter. Now including people other than the club members more than thirty Healeys met at once. The first meeting was held on May 4, 1993. We could hold the 4th meeting this year.

A travel note to the National Healey Day by Y. Sugimoto

I am a member of the Austin-Healey Club of Japan and attended every meeting but the third because of the trouble of my Frog-Eye. Gotenba, at the foot of Mt. Fuji is located 400 km east of Shiga Pref. I live. The first point is whether I can get there and back! I left Shiga Pref. the night before because a receipt began at 8:30 a.m. and it would be troublesome to drive a highway at night. I took some rest at Yoro and Hamanako Service Areas on the Meishin-Tomei Highways. I reached Gotenba at 9 p.m. I attached a simple hard top, which was for the race, on my Frog-Eye but it was a mistake because a wind noise from it was terribly loud and rain came into the room. I decided to use a hood next time I drive to the distance. I spent a night at a resort hotel. When I went to the Fuji-Kogen Circuit the next morning, Mt. Fuji seemed brilliant and beatiful. My dear friends welcomed me with a lot of smile. And all the cars were, of course, smiling, too. I became a camera boy when I find some Big Healeys and rare Frog-Eyes.


Because the members of Austin-Healey Club of Japan are all ladies and gentlemen, we never compete for the absolute speed at the circuit! Gymkhana points were given those who drove with the accurate time they declared before the trial. I drove slightly slowly because I twisted a half shaft off at this trial 2 years ago. The second game was a "Wine Carry". At the start point the navigator fills a wine glass which is fixed to a tray and hold it. After a driver and the navigator round the circuit, amount of wine remaining in the glass determines the points. Before the finishing line, the navigators have to eat a piece of hanging bread with their mouth only. After lunch we gathered and were taken some pictures. We scarecely saw more than thirty Healeys meet at once in Japan. Mt. Fuji showed her best landscape to us. The third game was ball-throwing and breaking paper cups with tires. One could not throw a ball into a target net. We took a coffee break with hand made sandwitches and felt at home. There was a very friendly atomosphere between families, sweet hearts and dear friends. The meeting place was a Fild of Smiles. We could not get this friendly atomosphere from a large meeting with a lot of commercial sponsors. The concours d'elegance by a mutual election went to Mr. M who won it every year. His car is always beautiful. At last, Mr. Takemori, a president of the Austin-Healey Club of Japan presented prizes to winners. The "Long Distance" prize was given to me because I came here three times despite some heavy troubles. Here I do thank to Mr. Takemori and our staff again.

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