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All Macintoshes I own are;
  • PowerBook 100

    This is the first Mac I bought. The elder brother of PowerBook series. It has 68000 in the heart. The battery was sealed lead battery, while other PowerBook had a Ni-Cd battery. Unlike the Ni-Cd battery, the continuous charge of battery does not shorten the life of battery.

    Original spec: 16MHz 68000, 2 Meg bytes of memory, 20 Meg bytes HDD.

    Current spec: 16MHz 68000, 8 Meg bytes of memory, 250 Meg bytes HDD, an internal FAX modem.

    I use this machine for accessing the NiftyServe daily.

  • SE/30

    A lovely machine with an internal monochrome monitor. Although SE/30 had an old style of the Macintosh series, it had the huge expandibility and power. It realy can address 128 Meg byte of memory in it.

    Original spec: 16MHz 68030 with 68882 co-processor, 8 Meg bytes of memory, 80 Meg bytes HDD.

    Current spec: 50MHz 68030 with 68882 co-processor, 32 Meg bytes of memory, 730 Meg bytes HDD and Ethernet card.

    A MicroMac's accelerator card, Diimo 030/50 FPU for SE/30, was installed on Apr. 3. Speedmeter 4.0 recorded the speed of 0.7 to 0.9 times of Quadra 605. Not only the speed of the CPU but also 64kB of SRAM cache memory may contribute the speed.
    Two third of the disk capacity is provided for NetBSD. The X windows system can run on this tiny machine!

  • LC630

    A popular and not expensive "Multi media" machine.
    I exchanged a logic board with that of PowerMac 6300/120 and also increased the speed of CD-ROM and the capacity of HDD.

    Original spec: 33MHz 68LC040, 12 Meg bytes of memory, 350 Meg bytes HDD, 2xCD-ROM.

    Current spec: 120MHz PPC603e, 32 Meg bytes of memory, 1.2Gig bytes HDD, 8xCD-ROM and a PicPom video capture board with TV tuner and video CD (MPEG) board.

    Amount of memory was reduced to 32 Meg bytes, because an MPEG board conflicts with 2nd memory SIMM.
    The main users of this machine are my 5year-old son and 2 year-old daughter, playing CD-ROM of "Ponkiki".

  • Color Classic

    A lovely and the last compact Mac. It is famous for a modification to 68LC040 CPU and to fine monitor mode (640 x 480 pixels).
    I'm now modifying this machine. A logic board is exchanged to that of LC575. CPU 68LC040 was exchanged to 68040 on Apr. 3. An LC575 logic board has an ability of PowerPC upgrade both genuine Apple and third party products. So Color Classic can be a real Power Macintosh!
    Now my ColorClassic displays at VGA mode (640X480)! on PowerPC 601.

    Original spec: 16MHz 68030 with 4 Meg bytes of memory, 160 Meg byte of HDD.

    Current spec: 100MHz PPC601/33MHz 68040 with 36 Meg bytes of memory, 160 Meg byte of HDD.

    Power Up Menu
  • Costumized back panel I/O door .
    Now I'm working on. Click here for a figure of the I/O door panel.
    Finished on Mar. 26.
  • Modification to VGA mode.
    Finished on Apr. 4. Many thanks to members of "Club for Creating of the Strongest ColorClassic".
  • Ethernet card installation. A Reudo Ethernet adaptor card for communication slot was installed on Mar. 28.
  • PowerPC accelerator card installation. I've installed Daystar PowerCard 601/100MHz board on Apr. 23. Although the speed of PowerCard is extraordinary, the heat from it is also exraordinary. Without CPU cooler, PowerMystic freezes with Bus Error. Now it runs quite stablly.

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