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Library Guide

Opening Hours Mon.-Fri. 9:00-20:00
  Sat.  13:00-17:00
Library Holidays Sun.
National Holidays
New Year Holidays(Dec.28 - Jan.4)


* All members of SUMS can use the library during closing hours.
("24-hour special use")


<Services available at"24-hour special use">

Browse, Photocopy, Borrowing & Returning at the self-check machine, Information retrieval.
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You need a library card (student ID card, faculty and staff ID card) to enter the library.
Please insert your card into the slot at the entrance gate to open the bar.


Pass through the exit gate, and the bar automatically opens. If you take materials that you have not checked out through the gate, an alarm will sound and the gate will be locked. Please follow the library staff's instructions.


* During "24-hour special use", swipe your card through the card reader beside the automatic entrance door when you enter or exit the library.


Contact Us

Library Service Service Section 077-548-2080 077-543-9236
Books Management Section 077-548-2079
Journals Management Section 077-548-2077


CanZo : Online Catalog

CanZo is an online catalog for SUMS Library. By searching "CanZo", you can find books, journals and audio-visual materials held in the library and research rooms. You can confirm the location and availability of the material.

View of CanZo Search Results

The "Location" field indicates where the material is available. In the library, books are arranged in order of call number. Please write down the call number before trying to find the book in the library. Journals are shelved alphabetically by title.
Items indicated "Research room" (「研究室貸出」) in the "Status" field are located in research rooms. If you would like to use the materials in research rooms, please ask the library staff.

Mobile CanZo

You can also be used in mobile phones. (Japanese text only) Mobile CanZo


If you are unsure about how to find library materials or use the library, please ask the library staff.


The library has held a lecture on how to use the literature search and e-journals.


Material Type Location
Books General Books 1F Open / 2F Automatic Shelves By call number
Medical Books 2F Open / Automatic Shelves
General Reference Books 1F Open / Automatic Shelves
Medical Reference Books 1F Open / Automatic Shelves
Paperbacks 2F Open / Automatic Shelves Series number order
Rare Books 1F Closed Shelves
Journals Foreign/Unbound 1F Open Shelves Alphabetical order
Foreign/Bound(2000-) 1F Open Shelves
Foreign/Bound(-1999) 1F Automatic Shelves
Japanese/Unbound 2F Open Shelves
Japanese/Bound(2000-) 2F Open Shelves
Japanese/Bound(-1999) 2F Automatic Shelves
Newspapers 1F Lounge Stored for 1 month
Audio-Visual Materials Case:Languagelearning room
Disk: Counter


General Books Biology Medicine and Related Subjects
000 General Works QH Biology W General Medicine WJ Urogenital System
100 Philosophy QK Botany W601 Forensic Sciences WK Endocrine System
140 Psychology QL Zoology WA Public Health WL Nervous System
200 General History 1 1 WB Practice of Medicine WM Psychiatry
290 Geography 1 1 WC Communicable Diseases WN Radiology
Diagnostic Imaging
300 Social Sciences 1 1 WD100 Nutrition Disorders WO Surgery
360 Society 1 1 WD200 Metaboric Diseases WP Gynecology
400 Natural Science 1 1 WD300 Immunologic and Collagen Diseases
WQ Obstetrics
410 Mathematics Preclinical Sciences WD400 Animal Poisons WR Dermatology
420 Physics QS Human Anatomy (Anthropology) WD500 Plant Poisons WS Pediatrics
430 Chemistry QT Physiology WD600 Disorders and Injuries of Environmental Origin WT Geriatrics
Chronic Disease
500 Technology / Engineering QU Biochemistry WD700 Aviation and Space Medicine WU Dentistry
Oral Surgery
600 Industry and Commerce QV Pharmacology WE Musculoskeletal System WV Otolaryngology
700 The arts. Fine arts QW Microbiology
WF Respiratory System WW Ophthalmology
780 Sports and Physical Training QX Parasitology WG Cardiovascular System WX Hospitals and Other Health Facilities
800 Language QY Clinical Laboratory Pathology WH Hemic and Lymphatic Systems WY Nursing
900 Literature QZ Pathology WI Digestive System WZ History of Medicine


  • Private expense(Copy on the 2nd floor)
    There are two photocopy machines for co-op copy card and one for cash. You can purchase a copy card at the university co-op shop in the Student Center.
  • Public expense(Copy on the 1st floor)
    Bring a Xerox card from your research room.

* You may make photocopies in the library within the scope of the Copyright Law.

  Only library materials can be copied.
  Only for research and study of individual users.
  Only part of the work.
  Only part per 1 person.
  Latest issue of the periodical can not be copied.



You need a library card (student ID card, faculty and staff ID card) to borrow library materials.

During opening hours, please check out/in library materials at the counter. It is also possible to borrow/return books and bound journals at the self-check machine located in front of the counter.

Unbound journals cannot be checked out/in by using the self-check machine. Please bring them to the counter.

You can return books and journals into the book post at the library entrance during closing hours.

Audio-visual materials must be returned to the counter.


* Non-circulating materials:The following materials are in-library use only

・Rare books

・Some audio-visual materials


Volumes and Periods
 Material Type Volumes Loan Periods Renewing
Books up to 5 1 week Once(*)
Bound Journals ×
Audio-Visual Materials 3 days ×
Unbound Journals  up to 10 3 days ×


(*)You can extend the loan period (with the exception of journals and audio-visual materials) only once unless the book is overdue or another user has placed a reservation on the book. You may renew via online "My Library" or by bringing the book to the counter or by phone. (077-548-2080)


Please return the materials you borrowed by the due date.
If you fail to return the materials by the due date, you will be penalized by suspending loan service for the same period as the number of overdue days.

* Long-term loan:

You can borrow library materials for longer period during vacations (spring, summer and winter). Please check the library website for details.


You can reserve the books that someone else has checked out. Please make reservations via "My Library" or at the counter.



The interlibrary services enable you to use the materials that are not held in SUMS Library.


Interlibrary Loan ― Article Request

You can order photocopies of journal articles and book chapters from other university/institute libraries.


Interlibrary Loan ― Book Request

You can order books from other university/institute libraries.

* Please make a request via "My Library" or at the counter, where the application form is available.

* You are responsible for all the cost of photocopying and postage. You can also pay at public expense.


Visiting Other Libraries

If you would like to visit another university/institute library, please check the website for instructions on how to use the library.

In some libraries, you may access just by presenting your ID card, in others you may be required to contact them in advance or bring a letter of introduction.

If you need a letter of introduction, please apply at the counter.




Satellite Broadcasting (NHK-BS)


Newspapers & General Magazines

Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Kyoto Shimbun, The Japan Times.
The retention period is one month.

If you would like to use, please contact to the counter.
General magazines are available for lending.


Information Retrieval Corner(1F)

Has set up 6 PCs that can be used to electronic journals, electronic books and databases.

Please use them freely.


Active Learning Room(2F)


You can watch the audio-visual materials. If you would like to use, please contact to the counter.

Some audio-visual materials are available for loan.


"My Library" enables you to:

・Confirm the materials you are borrowing and their due dates.

・Make reservations for books currently on loan.

・Renew your loans.

・Apply for ordering photocopies or borrowing books from other libraries.

・Check library news.

All members of SUMS can log into "My Library" by using your SUMS user ID (= e-mail account).


You can access over 7,000 electronic journals, 2,500 electronic books and databases such as PubMed, Ichushi Web, Ovid MEDLINE/EBMR, CINAHL, UpToDate, CiNii Articles and others.

* Improper use warning

  The following actions are prohibited:
   Use of the service for purposes other than individual research or education.
   Reproduction, redistribution, modification or resale of materials.
   High-volume download by using programs or support software.


"BIWAKO"(「びわ庫」)is an open access repository to store and provide digital resources created by the members of SUMS. "BIWAKO"


In the library, have the collection of about 2,500 old medical books, ancient documents, and medical instruments.
These are valuable in order to know the medical situation of the Edo period in Japan.
If you would like to use, please contact to the counter.
Part of the collections has published in the digital archives.
Please, click here