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"My Library" Services

"My Library" services enable you to renew or reserve books, and request Interlibrary Loans through the website.

ID and password is the same as the e-mail.


Terms of Use



  • All members in SUMS.
  • Although, need to get the e-mail address in Multimedia Center.


How to Use


  • Please login from the library website.
  • or the top page of CanZo.

    ID and password is the same as the e-mail.
  • After the end of use, please remember to log out.



Notifications to Mr./Ms.:

Checking personal information. If the message, please always check.



Confirm the materials you are lending and their due dates.
Renewing your books (only once).



Checking your reservation.


Copy request

Checking the copies you have requested.


Loan request

Checking the loaned items you have requested.


Purchase request

Checking the items you have requested the library to purchase.


Borrowing history

Checking the items you have borrowed from the library ever.


Menu (Left Side of the page)


 You can register books as Bookmark list.

・My Serach

 Search by the query you have registered.

・Review History

 The list of book reviews you have written.


 Notification by email regarding the arrival of new materials relating to your registered keywords.

・InterLibrary Copy Request

 Apply for ordering photocopies from other libraries.

・InterLibrary Loan Request

 Apply for ordering lending books from other libraries.

・New Purchase Request (Student Only)

 Students can request the purchase of books not in the library.
 About whether to purchase, will contact you by email.