By Train

Map of KIX, ITM and SUMS
From Airport to SUMS

From Kansai International Airport (KIX)

  1. Take Airport Express "Haruka" bound for JR Kyoto station (approx. 75-80 min).
  2. At Kyoto station, change to JR Biwako line (local train), and get off at JR Seta station (approx. 20min).
  3. Take Teisan bus bound for Shiga-idai, and get off at Shiga Arena (approx. 15min)

From Osaka International Airport (ITM)

  1. Take a limousine bus bound for JR Shin-Osaka station (approx. 25min).
  2. At Shin-Osaka station, change to JR Kyoto line (rapid or local train). (note:If you get on the Super rapid train, the train can not stop at Seta Station.)
  3. Get off at JR Seta station (approx. 50min). Take Teisan bus bound for Shiga-Idai, and get off at Shiga Arena (approx. 15min).

By Car

Map around SUMS
Access Map


Campus Map

Image: Campus Map

  1. General Education and Research Building
  2. Medical Science Research Building
  3. Basic Medicine Laboratories and Lecture Halls
  4. School of Nursing Building
  5. Student Center
  6. Central Research Laboratory
  7. Molecular Neuroscience Research Center
  8. Clinical Medicine Education and Research Building
  9. Central Research Laboratory
  10. Research Center for Animal Life Science
  11. Clinical Lecture Halls
  12. Administration Building
  13. University Library
  14. University Hospital
  15. Gymnasium
  16. Energy Center
  17. Nurses Housing
  18. Incinerator Facilities
  19. Waste Treatment Facilities
  20. Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  21. Martial Arts Gymnasium
  22. Guest House(closed)
  23. International House
  24. Swimming Pool
  25. Music Hall
  26. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Center
  27. Others
  28. Research Facilities for Biomedical Innovation
  29. Nursery Center
  30. Creative Motivation Center
  31. NCD Epidemiology Research Center
  32. Skills Laboratory
  33. JAMLT Ripple Terrace
  34. Triage Building