Health Administration Center


Director, Associate Professor: OGAWA Emiko

Special Contract Assistant Professor: MATSUO Yumiko


Office Clerk: SAWADA Shizu

The Health Administration Center of the University is located at the West corner of the administration building (1st floor). In addition to the health services listed below, psychiatric consultation and psychological counseling are available at the Center by a full-time doctor and a nurse. Foreign students should not hesitate to come and consult with the health center or contact the person in charge of international students, whenever they have any health problems.

① Office Hours of the Health Administration Center
9:00 ~ 17:00 (Mon. ~ Fri.) TEL: 077 (548) 2087,
② Physical Examinations
Every spring and autumn, you must take the physical examinations of internal medicine, chest X-rays, urine analysis, etc (free of charge). These physical examinations are mandated by the School Health Law and important for understanding your physical condition and the early detection of disease. The examination date is different depending on when you start the semester. Specialized medical examinations for students handling organic solvents and specified chemical substances are also available. Details will be announced in advance by e-mail.
③ Health Consultation
You can consult doctors and nurses at the Center not only about physical problems, such as headache, stomach ache, injuries, etc., but also about psychological problems concerning your study and life, no matter how small your problems might seem.
Professional consultants by the specialists of clinical departments are also available for various kinds of problems.
The content of each consultation is kept confidential, so feel free to visit. Contact the Center if you want to have the consultation.
④ First Aid
First aid is available at the Center during office hours.
⑤ Vaccination
Vaccinations are available at the Center. Please contact by email ( concerning the availability and the cost.