We strive to nurture the next generation of medical scientist who have an extensive knowledge and acknowledge the human aspects of health care. Students acquire the advanced ability to take initiative in conducting creative research in academic medicine. This prepares them for contributing to progress of Medicine and promote social welfare as leaders in medical field.

Admission Policy

Desired Students

Students can manifest independent and creative thinking and academic ability, and demonstrate respectful and ethical behavior both in workplace and their private lives.

Student Selection

We seek the students who are genuinely passionate about medical research with the highest standard of ethics and have vocation to contribute to the development and progress of medical sciences for making the society better.

Curriculum Policy

We provide the following three courses to conduct cross-cutting research and develop good supervisor-student relationship.

  1. Advanced Medical Science Course
    Students will learn the basic principle of research ethics and will acquire the cutting-edge techniques to be independent researchers. They can experience the frontline of unique and advanced studies.
  2. Advanced Medicine for Clinicians Course
    Students will learn the ethics on medical care and the medical jurisprudence to develop the leadership skills in clinical practice. They will also acquire the necessary skills adequate for becoming certified medical specialists.
  3. Interdisciplinary Medical Science and Innovation Course
    Students will learn research methods and interdisciplinary knowledge that includes Medicine, Engineering, Science to develop the capability to play active roles in industry-academia collaboration.

Diploma Policy

Obtain adequate knowledge and research skill as a medical researcher, Acquire the capability for conducting a research using own initiative and Be fully aware of the ethics of medicine, life science and research.

  1. Advanced Medical Science Course
    Demonstrate well-established knowledge for conducting cutting-edge research in medical science for the betterment of global society
  2. Advanced Medicine for Clinicians Course
    Achieve competency in the patient care at a level required to excel as specialized physician and become a leader in clinical setting.
  3. Interdisciplinary Medical Science and Innovation Course
    Acquire the knowledge and skills to conduct cross-cutting research in medical science