SUMS Integrated Report

The purpose of this Integrated Report is to effectively communicate the accomplishments and future directions of the University's initiatives in a reader-friendly format.Our intention is to foster a greater sense of familiarity with our University among our stakeholders and to use this report as a means to deepen their understanding of the University.

We share comprehensive information about the University's educational programs, research efforts, clinical care services, distinctive initiatives, and financial details in the hope of initiating a dialogue with internal and external stakeholders.



50th Anniversary Commemorative Project
—Creating an Environment to Foster Exceptional Medical Professionals—

As we celebrate this significant milestone, SUMS is embarking on several commemorative initiatives aimed at cultivating an environment conducive to the growth of exemplary medical professionals and enhancing the university for alumni, Shiga residents, and local communities. In pursuit of this goal, we have embraced the principle of "sampo yoshi" to ensure benefits for all parties involved.

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Spreading its Wings around the World Together with the Lake Country
—Half a Century of Our History & Future Progress—

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all who have contributed to the development of our University over the past fifty years, and to those who have steadfastly supported and observed our journey. As we look ahead, our commitment to progress remains unwavering.

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