Vision and Values

This is the first master program for nursing founded in Shiga. Our mission is tackling diverse health challenges in 21st century by fostering innovative, creative and path-breaking thinking in our nursing students and researchers. Our resources, accumulated practical knowledge for research and education, achievements of nursing care and other educational resources that are shared with school of nursing, university hospital and other institutions are ready to provide outstanding program. We nurture excellent nursing professionals, educators and researchers who take initiatives in advanced nursing care with established knowledge and skills to promote development in nursing science.

Students are requested to be champions of human dignity and human rights and understand how nature, society and living environment impact on our well-being. They will learn to approach academic nursing and practical methods in nursing effectively to become competitive health care professionals both in Japan and in other countries.

They will also develop scientifically minded perspective, problem solving and essential research skills and competencies for patient care, education, administration and political involvement in nursing.

We provide lecture, seminar, clinical training and special research program to develop the following abilities in students;

  1. Apply knowledge, skills and ethics in nursing science to nursing care of their own specialties
  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills of nursing practice and administration in our health care system
  3. Take the initiative and Make the decision properly as a member of health care team consisted of public health, medical and social welfare professionals.
  4. Acquire higher knowledge and skills of nursing education and Provide outstanding education as nursing specialist
  5. Discover the challenges in nursing science and Conduct the research proactively
  6. Develop new techniques of nursing care that are fully ethical and applicable to clinical practice
  7. Respond creatively to the complicated and unexpected health challenges of global society in academic nursing field.

Admission Policy

Desired Students

Next generation of educator and researcher in health care science, and front-line patient care provider

Student Selection

  • Student who has genuine passion for education and research in nursing science, an aptitude for problem solving and high standards of ethics
  • Experienced nurse who seeks higher education

Curriculum Policy

We offer two different courses, Nursing Education Research and Clinical Nurse Specialist, to explore broader perspectives. We nurture educators and researchers who can teach the next generation of outstanding nurses and nurse specialists who can provide high-quality nursing care with clinical nursing expertise.

  1. Nursing Education Research Course
    We provide essential and cutting-edge research methods. Students can ask for guidance of multiple supervisors in lectures, trainings and discussions to develop their creative thinking skills and global mind set.
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Students will develop their problem solving skills, teaching skills in nursing practice and learn how to clinical application of nursing theory into practice to become leaders in nursing care.

Diploma Policy

Acquire the scientific knowledge, research skills and ethics which are required to become nursing scientist.

  1. Nursing Education Research
    Obtain problem discovering skills and essential research skills to conduct their own research in academic health science. Positive attitude towards seeking the way to make a valuable contribution to tackling challenges in public health, medicine and social welfare, and broadening perspectives to improve healthcare service in our community.
  2. Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Develop problem discovering skills based on clinical experience and their capability of finding its solution. Provide high-quality care to meet the needs from society in public health, medicine and social welfare.