Vision and Values

This is the first master program for nursing founded in Shiga. Our mission is tackling diverse health challenges in 21st century by fostering innovative, creative and path-breaking thinking in our nursing students and researchers. Our resources, accumulated practical knowledge for research and education, achievements of nursing care and other educational resources that are shared with school of nursing, university hospital and other institutions are ready to provide outstanding program. We nurture excellent nursing professionals, educators and researchers who take initiatives in advanced nursing care with established knowledge and skills to promote development in nursing science.

Students are requested to be champions of human dignity and human rights and understand how nature, society and living environment impact on our well-being. They will learn to approach academic nursing and practical methods in nursing effectively to become competitive health care professionals both in Japan and in other countries.

They will also develop scientifically minded perspective, problem solving and essential research skills and competencies for patient care, education, administration and political involvement in nursing.

We provide lecture, seminar, clinical training and special research program to develop the following abilities in students;

  1. Apply knowledge, skills and ethics in nursing science to nursing care of their own specialties
  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills of nursing practice and administration in our health care system
  3. Take the initiative and Make the decision properly as a member of health care team consisted of public health, medical and social welfare professionals.
  4. Acquire higher knowledge and skills of nursing education and Provide outstanding education as nursing specialist
  5. Discover the challenges in nursing science and Conduct the research proactively
  6. Develop new techniques of nursing care that are fully ethical and applicable to clinical practice
  7. Respond creatively to the complicated and unexpected health challenges of global society in academic nursing field.

Admission Policy

Desired Students

1. Those who have the basic grounding required to become a researcher in nursing science or related fields, or an expert who provides advanced human care services.
2. Those who have high ethical standards and enthusiasm for research.
3. For the Advanced Nursing Practice Course, students with the above qualifications who also have rich practical experience in their specialized fields.

Student Selection

  1. The Nursing Research Course conducts (1) our Specialized Subject test that assesses students' fundamental knowledge and thinking abilities in their specialized areas; (2) a foreign language (English) writing test that assesses the language skills that are necessary for students to conduct scientific research; and (3) an interview that confirms students' passion for research, their ethical standards, and their qualifications and competency for becoming researchers.
  2. Applicants for the Advanced Nursing Practice Course must take (1) our Specialized Subject test that assesses students' fundamental knowledge and thinking abilities in their specialized areas; and (2) an oral exam that evaluates students’ fundamental knowledge and enthusiasm regarding research in their desired fields.

Curriculum Policy

  1. By establishing two Courses at our Graduate School (The Nursing Research Course and The Advanced Nursing Practice Course), we provide our students with interdisciplinary education administered by our entire teaching staff.
  2. The Graduate School stipulates several common and specialized subjects for both Courses.
    2-1.Common subjects cover basic knowledge, research skills, and research ethics that are generally necessary for nursing scientists.
    2-2.Specialized subjects cover the expertise necessary for each nursing specialty as well as research skills or advanced nursing skills.
  3. In addition to the above, the two Courses each address specific subjects appropriate to their goals, as indicated below.
    3-1.The Nursing Research Course nurtures students’ ability to conduct research in an independent and creative manner by 1) teaching them the most advanced research methodologies for different research topics and providing them with the latest knowledge; and 2) providing students with special research tasks, related to existing challenges, that will lead to advances in nursing science.
    3-2.The Advanced Nursing Practice Course enhances students’ ability to apply scientific evidence in real clinical settings by 1) educating them not only about basic theories and ethics related to nursing but also about speciality-specific advanced nursing skills; and 2) providing them with research tasks and training related to speciality-related nursing practice and nursing intervention.

Diploma Policy

To complete the Program, students shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Acquire sufficient expertise and research skills in nursing science and related fields.
  2. Have high ethical standards and sufficient knowledge about research-related ethics.
  3. In addition to the above, the following additional abilities and attitudes for each of the courses listed below are required.
    3-1. For the Nursing Research Course: the capability to identify new research challenges and to create evidence that leads to their solutions.
    3-2. For the Advanced Nursing Practice Course: the ability to identify important challenges in each nursing specialty and comprehend the latest scientific evidence for the application in real clinical settings.