Make a Gift

Thank you for your interest in making a gift to Shiga University of Medical Science.

It is because of our generous community that SUMS has become what it is today. SUMS is a recognized leader for training next generation of medical professionals and conducting creative research and has developed a reputation for excellence in patient care.
Your gift will provide critical resources to go above and beyond what we have achieved.

We have established the SUMS fund for:

  • Providing innovative education and training
  • Supporting extra curriculum activities on campus
  • Encouraging young faculty members to pursue their research careers and participate in overseas visit program
  • Expanding vital patient services
  • Renovating and Adding to existing facilities at our hospital

We are working to generate funds for enhancing such activities with Koikai, our alumni association and Parent council committees of school of medicine and school of nursing.

You may direct your gift to a specific purpose of our fund– such as university administration, hospital management and financial support for students.

President of Shiga University of Medical Science

President of Koikai

YOSHIMOTO Katsutoshi
President of Parent council committee of school of medicine

FUJII Shigehiro
President of Parent council committee of school of nursing


General Affairs & Planning Division