Dr. Louis-Michel Collet Visit SUMS

Monday 2 July, Dr. Louis-Michel Collet, the former professor of the University of Picardy Jules Verne (UPJV) in France, paid a courtesy call and handed a letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine to Dr. Kohei Shiota, the President of SUMS.

Dr. Collet visited our President’s room with Dr. Murakami, the President of Murakami Orthopedic Clinic in Koka city, Shiga.

SUMS and UPJV joined in an academic partnership in 1995 and their university hospital, CHU Amiens came into this partnership in 2004. We have developed cooperative relationship through exchanges of academic staff members and medical students.

Dr. Collet took a leading role in setting up our relationship and has committed in maintaining and enhancing our academic cooperation. He is going to give a lecture at the 18th meeting of Association France Japon d’Orthopédie that the late Dr. Kanji Shichikawa, our honorary professor who was one of its founders.

Professor Aiura and Mr. Sukegawa, the director and the associate manager of the International Liaison Office, and Dr. Kanji Mori, associate professor of the Orthopaedic Surgery who studied at UPJV, also attended the meeting and exchanged views on promoting successful collaboration in education, research and clinical science.

At the President’s room
At the President’s room