The First Japanese Speech Contest for International Students

Friday, March 5, 2021. The "First Japanese Speech Contest for International Students" organized by our school (supported by Specified Nonprofit Corporation Lake Biwa Health & Welfare Consortium) was held online.

International students who are studying in our school's Japanese class participated in this contest, delivering speech in Japanese according to a theme determined for each study level. The International students present what they feel every day in Japan and their thoughts towards the future using the results of what they have learned for one year in their Japanese class, and compete in the contents and expressions of their speeches.

On the contest day, former university president Tadao Bamba, director Ikuo Tooyama, director Hiroshi Matsuura and three others acted as the judge, and after an impartial judging, the following 3 students were selected to be given the best award for each level. We requested the audience to attend online due to the COVID-19 infection control measures, however, many viewers watched the contest from within the university and even from outside. The contest ended with a great success.

It was a very valuable opportunity that led to the improvement of the international students' drive towards Japanese study as well as the multi-cultural union both inside and outside of the university.

~Most excellent award winners~

Level Full name Depertment School year Title
Beginner level Zulzikry Hafiz Bin Abu Bakar Molecular neuroscience research center Doctoral course
first year
Becoming a social activist
Pre-intermediate level Nor Idayu Binti A Rahman Department of Biochemistry and molecular biology,
(Division of molecular medical biochemistry)
Doctoral course
third year
Living in Japan as a Muslim
Intermediate level Byambajav Tserenlkham Department of Social medicine
(Division of public health)
Doctoral course
third year
What is needed in order to open the door towards a global society
Photo:Group photo
Group photo
Photo:winners picture(beginner class)
winners picture(beginner class)
Photo:winners picture(pre-intermediate class)
winners picture(pre-intermediate class)
Photo:winners picture(intermediate class)
winners picture(intermediate class)